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Dates for the 65th (2018/19) season

Spring 2019

Sibelius: Finlandia
Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite 1
Ravel: Pavane
Saint-Saëns: Symphony No 3 (Organ Symphony)

Refreshments rota is in italics. For instructions click here

Jan 7 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
Jan 14 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
Jan 21 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
Jan 28 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
Feb 4 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
Feb 11 (Refreshments – Upper Strings)
(Feb 18, no rehearsal, half term)
Feb 25 (Refreshments – Upper Strings)
March 4 (Refreshments – Upper Strings)
March 11 (Refreshments – Upper Strings)
March 18 (Refreshments – Upper Strings) rehearsal at St Paul’s, Grove Park Road, W4 3SB
March 23 rehearsal and concert at St Paul’s, Grove Park Road, W4 3SB

Summer 2019

Refreshments rota is in italics. For instructions click here

April 29 (Refreshments – Lower Strings)
May 6  (Refreshments – Lower Strings) – is a bank holiday and there IS a rehearsal
May 13 (Refreshments – Lower Strings)
May 20 (Refreshments – Lower Strings)
(May 27 no rehearsal, half term)
June 3 (Refreshments – Lower Strings)
June 10(Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
June 17 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
June 24 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
July 1 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
July 8 (Refreshments – Woodwind Brass)
July 13 rehearsal and concert, St Paul’s, Grove Park Road, W4 3SB

Refreshments Instructions:

Week before:
Check stock of tea, coffee, cups and biscuits. Ask your fellow refreshments organizers for their contact details, if you are going to need to communicate during the week.
On the day:
Bring 2 pints of milk, plus additional supplies as necessary. Arrive as close to 7.00pm as possible and bring the table forward ready for use.

All the equipment is in the low cupboards to the right of the robing room. Half fill and plug in urn. Set at no.6 and switch on (the switch is on the side of the urn).

Once water has boiled, turn down to 2.5 and leave ready for interval. Make sure bowl and notice are conspicuous for donations.

During interval: fill tea-pots (2 /3 tea-bags in each pot) and supervise.
After rehearsal: clear away. Give cash to Olivia. If she isn’t present, take cash home and bring to the next rehearsal.
Both Tom and Joan often arrive early if there are any problems.